To provide LOCAL ARTISTS representing diverse cultures, genres and mediums with a platform to ENTERTAIN, EDUCATE and UNITE the community.

Our History

The Coronado neighborhood in Phoenix has always been the home to artists, musicians and people who appreciate those who create.

In 2013, a few neighbors banded together to create the Coronado Porch Concert series, a progressive concert that went from house to house in the neighborhood, with the audience following on foot, bicycle, and golf cart to each location.

As the series continued, it occurred to the organizers that this magic should be shared with all of Phoenix. And with that, WayneFest was born.

Today, WayneFest is a thriving annual music and arts festival that brings together 1,000 neighbors and friends in Coronado Park. And we’re poised to bring arts and music to neighborhoods all across the city.

OK, but who is Wayne?

Coronado has had a few famous (and infamous) residents, perhaps none more renowned than Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton (You know, the “Danke Schoen” guy — think “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”).

So we called the event WayneFest to pay homage to our neighborhood’s musical past. We think Mr. Vegas would approve.

Our Goals

Spread the love. We’ll expand WayneFest to other downtown Phoenix neighborhoods (e.g., Willo, Encanto, FQ Story, etc.) with plans to eventually grow to include the greater Phoenix metro area.

Support art and music education. Arts and music programs have been the reduced or eliminated in public schools because of budget cuts. WayneFest donates a dollar from each adult festival ticket sold to a local public-school arts program.

Bring art and music to underserved neighborhoods. Working with the Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission, WayneFest will identify communities that have the biggest need for arts programs. We’ll stage “Art Days” that bring artists and musicians to enrich these communities.

Bring free fun to your neighborhood! We’ll create a series of free concerts to be held in local parks, featuring local musicians from all genres.

Our Projects


A yearly celebration featuring some of the best Arizona talent using music, food and art to bring people together.

Arts to Go 

Artists from all mediums will hold workshops in city parks to teach and foster the love of art no matter the form.

Audience enjoys the band on stage at WayneFest.


A series of free events held in city parks, featuring live music and visual art.

Get Involved!

Contact us for information about scheduling a program, becoming a sponsor, or participating as an artist or musician.

Support arts access and education by making a tax-deductible contribution to WayneFest.

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